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Abortion Care Specialists

We know that choosing to have an abortion is NOT an easy decision, therefore Lovejoy SurgiCenter abortion clinic provides a warm, SAFE and compassionate environment for women to make their OWN choice. Although Lovejoy has been providing abortion care to thousands of women over the years, we have NEVER forgotten that each and every woman has her own individual needs. We our a family-owned business in Portland, OR.

Abortion Counseling

Whether you choose to terminate an unexpected pregnancy, or a planned one due to abnormal fetal indication, at Lovejoy SurgiCenter abortion clinic we understand that you may require a lot of thought and discussion. Our experienced counselors will sit with you privately, one-on-one to help you reach the best decision for you. WE’RE HERE FOR YOU. No pressure. No judgement.

Awake or Asleep

Because we are a LICENSED surgery center and not a walk-in abortion clinic, you have the option to be awake or asleep during your abortion procedure.

Early Abortion up to 8 weeks

After we confirm that you are pregnant, and the length of pregnancy we’ll discuss 3 abortion options with you. Together we’ll determine whether the Copper IUD, a D&E (dilation and evacuation), or the Abortion Pill (medication / non-surgical abortion) is the BEST choice for you.

Surgical Abortion 8 to 19 weeks

If you are 8 to 10 weeks pregnant a surgical abortion under either local or general anesthesia will take 1 day.

If you are 13 to 19 weeks you will have to schedule a 2-day surgical abortion procedure under general anesthetic.

Late Abortion care over 20 weeks

If you are over 20 weeks you will be scheduled for 3 consecutive days, with the third day being the final procedure day under general anesthesia.

Generous Financial Assistance

We are dedicated to providing SAFE and LEGAL CARE regardless of your financial status. We can help you if you are in financial need, or don’t have insurance to cover your abortion care. We make our FEES as AFFORDABLE as possible. Ask about Free abortion care.

Insurance Accepted

We accept the Oregon Health Plan, Kaiser Permanente and Washington State medical coupons. We also accept private insurance such as Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oregon, Moda Health and United Healthcare. Be sure to notify our phone counselor or online form of your Insurance Provider prior to your appointment.

Walk-Ins Welcome

You are also welcome to come in to discuss a future appointment with one of our counselors. Weekday afternoons are generally a good time for them to visit with you, and your family members and/or friends. Feel free to ask questions and discuss your concerns privately.

Early Abortion Surgical AbortionLate Abortion
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Is Adoption Or Parenting Right for Me?

If you decide to go ahead with a pregnancy, we can suggest good obstetricians, answer all of your questions, and provide you with valuable information.

If You Decide to Parent

With many years of experience, our counselors can always help by sharing important information about parenting and by giving you referrals for pre-natal care and parenting classes.

If You Decide upon Adoption

If adoption is your choice, we can also help you by referring you to one of Oregon’s leading family law firms. Or, if you prefer, there are also adoption agencies we have confidence in and can recommend.

Some Questions to Ask Yourself:
  • Who will support my choice?
  • How will this affect my life?
  • Is the birth father involved?
  • Am I willing to change my lifestyle for a child?

What Our Patients Are Saying

We are very proud that Lovejoy SurgiCenter abortion clinic is a leader in abortion and women’s health care. Our innovation in reproductive care and other women’s health care needs has taught a generation of women to expect excellent treatment, informed consent, and freedom of choice. See what our patients have to say about us!

  • I feel it necessary to write to you and thank you from the depths of my heart for the kindness the entire Lovejoy staff showed me during my brief stay. What was a difficult decision to make and even harder act to follow through with was met with understanding and gentleness from all whom I came into contact with.”Anonymous

  • I just wanted to personally thank the entire staff of Lovejoy SurgiCenter for what I felt was the outstanding, above and beyond care I received the day of my abortion. I really can’t express how much it meant to me to be treated with such individualized attention, compassion and care on what was an otherwise very unhappy moment in my life. Thank you again to the entire staff!” Anonymous

  • From the time that I first called to ask questions, all the way until I left after having completed the procedure, the staff was warm, welcoming, supportive and so helpful. Everyone that I talked to made me feel comfortable throughout the entire time I was there.” S.E.

  • I wanted to let you know that the staff at Lovejoy was just absolutely wonderful. Of course I’ve had better days, but I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Your staff does really great work. I just wanted to express my appreciation for making a pretty awful day as least awful as possible. Thank you!” Anonymous

  • I want to thank everyone at Lovejoy for taking such good care of my daughter. You all do amazing work. The love and compassion is very much appreciated. Thank you so much!” Anonymous

  • I just want to say thank you for being there and understanding how I’m feeling. You all really helped me be strong at a weak stage in my life. Most importantly, though, thank you for just listening” Anonymous

  • Thanks for such a caring and thoughtful manner. You are all a credit to your profession.” Anonymous

  • Dear Staff of the Lovejoy Clinic,I want to personally thank you for your commitment to providing healthcare for women despite the constant harassment you get from pro-life protesters. You provide dignity for women who really need it. Thank you. -C.M.

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About Lovejoy SurgiCenter

Portland Oregon Abortion Clinic
“Lovejoy made me feel SAFE & COMFORTABLE.”

For more than 40 years, Lovejoy SurgiCenter abortion clinic has been the Pacific Northwest’s LEADING provider of ABORTION, reproductive healthcare, and reproductive counseling. Ask about FREE abortion care.

When no one else would, or could, provide women with choice, we did. Today, we are helping both women and men make the reproductive choices that are best for them. We do this in a hospital-like setting where our patients receive exceptional care from doctors experienced in obstetrics, gynecology and urology. At the same time, we do everything we can to provide affordable, quality healthcare to every patient. You can DONATE if you’d like to help too.

There has been an increase of Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs) #FakeClinics opening up nextdoor to #RealClinics. Fake clinics do not offer abortions.  Learn more. We have the #REALCLINICS badge, because we are a real abortion clinic.#RealClinics badge for real abortion clinics that offer abortion care

Our staff are available to arrange appointments, find interpreters and answer questions including billing and insurance. At Lovejoy SurgiCenter abortion clinic we can guide you with making travel and lodging arrangements.

We are HERE for YOU

Confidential appointments for procedures are available Tuesday through Saturday, depending on appointment type.

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Address: 933 NW 25th Avenue | Portland, Oregon 97210

8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday
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Phone: (503) 221-1870

Toll-Free: (800) 752-6189

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