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If you are choosing to have an abortion, you need to be surrounded by people who will SUPPORT your decision WITHOUT JUDGEMENT and will be COMPASSIONATE knowing what you are going through is not easy. At Lovejoy SurgiCenter one of our experienced counselors will sit with you ONE-ON-ONE to discuss your options, the procedure, what to expect before an abortion, and what to expect after an abortion.

Although Lovejoy SurgiCenter has been THE CHOICE of thousands of women over the years, we have never forgotten that EACH and EVERY WOMAN has her own special needs.

We Want this to be a Positive Experience

By choosing Lovejoy, you’ll be cared to by a experienced staff who can give you the knowledge and information you need to make an INFORMED DECISION. You will be paired with a counselor, and you will be treated by a caring doctor who is a BOARD-CERTIFIED Obstetrician and Gynecologist (“OB-GYN”).

Type of Procedure

Women who are no more than 8 weeks into their pregnancy have the option of either a medical or surgical termination. For most, a 1st trimester surgical (suction curettage) presents less of a risk than a medical. During the surgical procedure, the physician uses suction to empty the uterus. A medical abortion (Abortion Pill), on the other hand, requires a combination of medications to end the pregnancy.

Awake or Asleep?

Because we are an LICENSED SURGICAL CENTER and not a walk-in abortion clinic, you can ask to have your abortion under general anesthetic (ASLEEP) any day of the week. With the assistance of a medical assistant and pain medication, most women are able to get through the procedure with minimal difficulty.


We’ll confirm that you are pregnant with a PREGNANCY TEST, and an ULTRASOUND, if necessary. If you are pregnant, an ultrasound will tell us how far along you are.


We’ll put together a CARE PLAN based upon your own personal situation and the number of weeks of your pregnancy. All patient information is kept confidential and is never shared outside of Lovejoy without your permission. We want you to feel safe knowing that your privacy is always protected.

As a gentle reminder, and out of respect for all our patients, we ask that you not bring babies or children with you for this appointment. If you have any questions or concerns, you are always welcome to call us at (503) 221-1870.

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