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About Lovejoy SurgiCenter – Right Choice for More Than 40 Years

When no one else would, or could, give women choice, we did. And now, more than 40 years later, we continue to help women – and men – make the best possible choices for their futures.

We do this not in an office or clinic, but in a hospital-like setting where our patients receive exceptional care from doctors known for their experience in obstetrics, gynecology and urology.

Why Lovejoy Is the Right Choice:
  • Lovejoy SurgiCenter has the longest continuous record of providing women with the choice of abortion in the Pacific Northwest, having cared for more than 100,000 women over a period of 40 years.
  • Lovejoy is the only STATE and FEDERALLY LICENSED abortion provider in Oregon.
  • With our AMBULATORY SURGERY CENTER, Lovejoy SurgiCenter is held to the same high standards as a traditional hospital. Here our doctors are able to offer patients the option of a general anesthetic. For many, this helps reduce any pain or anxiety during an abortion.
  • Our counseling program is based upon treating each patient as a unique individual and is recognized as an innovative national model.
  • Over the years, Lovejoy SurgiCenter has expanded its services to include vasectomies for men.

Our History

In 1971, Dr. Burritt Newton came to our founder Allene Klass and asked if Lovejoy could provide SAFE and CONFIDENTIAL ABORTIONS for women. Ms. Klass did not hesitate, knowing at the time that there were very poor choices for women. Abortions in Portland, and throughout Oregon, were performed at a teaching hospital where there was no guarantee of privacy and little respect for patients. Only after meeting with a social worker and being declared “unfit” to parent was an abortion even permitted.

Today, Lovejoy SurgiCenter has become a LEADER NATIONWIDE in providing women with reproductive health care. The innovations under the direction of Ms. Klass have taught generations of women to expect exceptional treatment, informed consent and freedom of choice.

Over the years, Lovejoy has also expanded its services to men, performing vasectomies as a safe, effective and affordable form of birth control.

Our Doctors

We believe that our talented staff of doctors are at the very heart of what we do at Lovejoy. These dedicated and compassionate physicians are all BOARD-CERTIFIED obstetricians and gynecologists with many years of experience in abortion care.

In fact, our doctors are often called upon by other doctors, clinics and hospitals to handle their toughest cases. This knowledge and experience is important when it comes to choosing where to have an abortion, since most other clinics are only staffed by interns or by residents in training.

We also have physicians on staff who specialize in MALE REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH. Vasectomies are routinely performed at Lovejoy for men who want to help permanently prevent pregnancy.

Our Mission

Our mission is to continue to provide leadership and innovation in reproductive health care as we empower women – and men – to become active participants in the decisions that will affect their lives.”

~ Allene Klass
Founder & CEO

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