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Fees & Insurance

The Care of a Hospital. The Cost of a Clinic.

When you choose Lovejoy, you are choosing more than a clinic. You’re choosing an ACCREDITED surgery center held to the same high standards as a traditional hospital… and one that offers you an extra measure of protection. We offer affordable Fees & Insurance is accepted for abortion care.

Financial Need

For those seeking an abortion, Lovejoy SurgiCenter is dedicated to providing SAFE and LEGAL care regardless of a woman’s financial position. Ask how we can help if you are in financial need or don’t have insurance.

Learn more about the Reproductive Health Equity Act for FREE abortion opportunities.

Reproductive Health Equity Act - Gov. Kate Brown

Affordable Fees

Although you will be cared for in a hospital setting, we make our fees as affordable as possible. When you call to schedule or request an appointment online, a member of our staff will discuss your options with you and estimate a fee based upon your last menstrual period and other medical considerations. When you come in to see us, this fee can be finalized once we complete your exam and have reviewed your past medical and surgical history.

Our Fees Include:

All COSTS associated with your abortion include SONOGRAM, basic LAB WORK, PRE-OP MEDICATIONS, LOCAL ANESTHESIA and FOLLOW-UP EXAM 2 weeks after your abortion procedure.

If you decide to be put to sleep (general anesthetic), there is an additional charge. RhoGam injections (needed only if your blood type is RH factor negative) are also not included in our basic fee.


Payment can be made in CASH or by CREDIT CARD – we accept Visa, MasterCard or Discover. Personal checks cannot be accepted. Payment must be made at the time of service.


We ACCEPT the Oregon Health Plan, Kaiser Permanente and Washington State medical coupons. We also accept private insurance such as Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oregon, Moda Health and United Healthcare.

Other laboratory work, including HIV screening, can be done for very reasonable prices. Please understand that fees are subject to change at any time.

Billing Questions: (503) 223-5416