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Medical Professionals

Why Medical Professionals Choose Lovejoy?

More than 40 years ago, Lovejoy took a step that would change the future of reproductive healthcare for women in Oregon. Under the direction of founder Allene Klass, Lovejoy was converted from a well-known rehabilitation center into a special facility for women. A special facility that could provide them with SAFE abortions without judgment and in a hospital-like setting.

Today, Lovejoy SurgiCenter continues to be a LEADER in reproductive healthcare, now caring for both women and men, and not just in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest, but throughout the West.

Having served over 100,000 women and thousands of men since 1971, Lovejoy is also a TEACHING HOSPITAL and a valuable resource for medical professionals, providing a level of care unmatched in scope, thoroughness and sensitivity.

Our dedicated and compassionate physicians are all BOARD-CERTIFIED obstetricians and gynecologists with many years of experience in abortion care.

Lovejoy is the only STATE and FEDERALLY LICENSED abortion provider in Oregon.

We are a licensed AMBULATORY SURGERY CENTER held to the same high standards as a traditional hospital. Our doctors are able to offer patients the option of a general anesthetic to reduce any pain or anxiety during an abortion.

Physicians refer patients to Lovejoy SurgiCenter because they like, trust, feel we are competent and believe in us.

Phone: (503) 221-1870 | Toll-Free: (800) 752-6189

The most important ingredient we put into any relationship is not what we say or what we
do, but what we are.” – Stephen R. Covey
Why Lovejoy Is the Right Choice:
  1. Abortion procedures can be performed beginning at five (5) weeks from the woman’s last period through 23 weeks (or occasionally longer on a case-by-case basis).
  2. Lovejoy is a comprehensive care center, not a clinic, and is LICENSED as a freestanding SURGERY CENTER.
  3. Lovejoy is staffed by BOARD-CERTIFIED OB-GYN’s and UROLOGISTS who have special expertise in terminating pregnancies and in permanent sterilizations.
  4. Lovejoy is held to the same high standards as a traditional hospital and is the only state and federally licensed abortion provider in OREGON.
  5. Lovejoy is the preferred referral for late term and complex or high-risk cases.
  6. Lovejoy’s counselors work in partnership with our doctors to develop innovative protocols for pre-abortion and post-abortion counseling that are nationally recognized.
  7. Lovejoy strives to be accessible to, and affordable for, all patients and is a preferred provider for Kaiser Permanente and both the Oregon and Washington health plans.
  8. Lovejoy provides an unmatched continuity of care that saves time and money by following patients from their first appointment through their two-week checkup, with emergency help on call 24/7.
  9. Lovejoy provides timely and accurate reporting upon the patient’s and/or the referring medical professional’s request.
  10. Because of Lovejoy’s special expertise, its doctors and staff are often called upon to partner with other medical professionals on important research projects.

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