We can arrange a completely private experience

For those who desire exclusive, personalized care and the utmost discretion

We know the decision to terminate a pregnancy is personal and that some individuals may want or need an exclusively private experience and complete confidentiality. We offer these individuals the option to reserve our entire facility for a private appointment. In these cases, no other patients will be in the clinic for the duration of your visit. If you choose this option, our entire clinic and staff will be solely dedicated to you and your care. Private abortion appointments can be arranged around your schedule, and we will provide you with a truly confidential, exclusive experience.

We also offer Concierge Services. Our staff can arrange your air or ground transportation to Portland, a car service to and from the clinic, as well as hotel accommodations, or other arrangements to meet your needs and make your visit as seamless as possible.

Private appointments and Concierge Services require an additional fee and insurance is not accepted for these options.

To arrange for a private appointment or Concierge Services, contact us or call our office at 503-221-1870.